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KDPOF (Knowledge Development for Plastic Optical Fiber), a fabless silicon company, develops state of the art semiconductors for gigabit and longreach communications over POF (Plastic Optical Fiber).

KDPOF products, already available, allow very high speed (>1 Gbps) over very low-cost POF using very affordable, high volume market LEDs and photodiodes.

KDPOF's groundbreaking technology is based on a unique combination of cutting-edge digital communications and information theory, which leverages the available capacity of large core POF and can be implemented with standard microelectronic technology.


Automotive (Infotainment and Automotive Driver Assistance Systems-ADAS), Professional (long reach/low latency links) and Consumer (in-wall cabling for high bandwidth networks).

KDPOF´s technology overcomes many of the "customer issues" in those markets:

  • Automotive: Low cost, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) immunity, galvanic isolation cualified/reliable technology for nextgeneration Gigabit ADAS, autonomous driving and electric ower trains.
  • Professional: EMC immunity, galvanic isolation, reliable and robust networks for hostile and fail-safe proven highly demanding environments like Medical or Industrial Networks.
  • Consumer: Home/SOHO gigabit connectivity at affordable cost, in accordance with current and future FTTH (fiber to the home) access speeds. Enables a robust, affordable and easy to install 1Gbps backbone Home Network.
Design, development and sales of application specific standard products on chips for optical communications.
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